Criminal Defense Attorney Fighting For You

The costs of an arrest and conviction are high. For this reason no one requires the services of an attorney more than those charged with a crime.

For those individuals who have found themselves in trouble with the law, Nyberg Law Office, PLLC handles a variety of criminal defense matters for residents of North Dakota and Minnesota.

The Kinds Of Representation We Provide

Nyberg Law Office, PLLC, represents individuals charged with:

  • DUI/DWI and other alcohol-related violations
  • Probation violations
  • Drug crimes, including drug possession and distribution
  • Assault and disorderly conduct
  • Robbery, burglary, theft and fraud
  • Juvenile crimes

Nyberg Law Office, PLLC, works with individuals of all ages in making certain they receive the legal representation they need. We handle felony and misdemeanor cases for individuals throughout Fargo and Moorhead. Whatever the case, we put the necessary time and effort into every matter to ensure quality representation.

As someone who is extremely familiar with our courts, Josh Nyberg knows how to negotiate for lesser charges. As a skilled litigator and lawyer, he is comfortable trying your case in court when necessary.

Aggressive DUI Representation

The consequences of a drunk driving arrest can be severe. This can include fines and even jail time. When providing representation, we make certain you understand the process and will be at your side during any court or administrative hearing.

A major repercussion of a DUI arrest can include loss of driving privileges. While working toward reducing or eliminating criminal penalties, we will also fight for you to retain such privileges.

Helping You Through A Difficult Time

The staff at our law firm makes ourselves available for you. We will be there from the moment we first meet with you until the resolution of your criminal law matter. To schedule a free consultation with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer, please contact our Fargo law firm by calling 701-433-1621.