Personalized Family Law And Divorce Legal Representation

Individuals going through divorce or involved in custody issues often make careless decisions that lead to damaging consequences. At Nyberg Law Office, PLLC, we work with you and provide you with the options and information you need to make an informed decision.

Nyberg Law Office will discuss your situation with you in detail. You will be educated as to what to expect throughout the legal process, and we will explore all of your legal alternatives. Our assistance helps you make the right decision for yourself and for your family.

Effective And Affordable Family Law Representation

While family law and divorce cases can be contentious and stressful, we provide you the support and guidance you need to cope with the entire process. We provide representation concerning divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, alimony and post modification of divorce decrees. The services we provide include creation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, guidance regarding adoption, and advocacy in protective order matters.

We will not waste your time or money. Instead, we do everything in our power to efficiently resolve your case. As a lawyer and family law practitioner, Josh Nyberg understands the family law courts in North Dakota and Minnesota, and the procedures that the courts implement. As an attorney and effective negotiator, Josh will work with opposing parties to achieve the best solution. Through hard work and tremendous attention to detail, our firm is always prepared to mediate, or try your case in court when necessary.

With You During The Entire Process

Besides representing you in ongoing divorce matters, we also provide representation in post-divorce cases. After family law matters conclude, changed circumstances may mean revisiting a prior court order. We understand the procedures for the modification of orders – especially orders pertaining to child support and alimony.

Working Toward Finding You The Best Possible Outcome

You can contact Nyberg Law Office, PLLC, in Fargo, North Dakota, by calling 701-433-1621. We offer those who come to our office a free initial consultation, provide representation in both North Dakota and Minnesota, and we respond to all inquires promptly.